Part of speech: noun

A showy herb, with flowers in clusters.

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Usage examples "larkspur":

  1. Let me see- did I advise larkspur? - "The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.
  2. Amid the ferns about him shade- loving trilliums showed their many- hued faces, and every opening was thickly peopled with larkspur seeking the sun. - "A Cumberland Vendetta", John Fox, Jr..
  3. The more attractive and pretty of the British weeds- as the common daisy, of which the poets have made so much, the larkspur, which is a pretty cornfield weed, and the scarlet field- poppy, which flowers all summer, and is so taking amid the ripening grain- have not immigrated to our shores. - "A Year in the Fields", John Burroughs.