Part of speech: adjective

Affectedly pensive or sentimental.

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Usage examples "lackadaisical":

  1. So in the same lackadaisical fashion which had marked all his actions that day, the knight suffered his horse to be led to the rendezvous of the band in the greenwood. - "Robin Hood", J. Walker McSpadden.
  2. Some of the ladies were beginning to believe that, faute de mieux, the doctor was consoling himself in a flirtation with his lackadaisical patient; but it was speedily noted that he stayed only a few moments when Miss Forrest left the premises, and the idea was as speedily scouted by the entire sisterhood, unless, indeed, we except the lady herself. - "'Laramie;' or, The Queen of Bedlam.", Charles King.
  3. Another singer, whose burlesque appearance never failed to throw the house into convulsions, had to sing a sentimental melody of the most lackadaisical kind. - "The Great Musicians: Rossini and His School", Henry Sutherland Edwards.