Part of speech: noun

A house for a dog or for a pack of hounds; also, the pack.

Part of speech: noun

A lair; den.

Part of speech: noun

The gutter of a street; channel; puddle.

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Usage examples "kennel":

  1. His master had tied him to his kennel, as usual, and left him for the night, and Jinks was just settling down to sleep, when he suddenly heard a rustling overhead in the tall bushes. - "Rataplan", Ellen Velvin.
  2. The back sitting- room was a kennel for the dogs which Mr. Beale instantly began to collect. - "Harding's luck", E. [Edith] Nesbit.
  3. The kennel- men they slapped the rail with their hands and laughed at the Master like they would fall over. - "The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys", Richard Harding Davis.