Part of speech: noun

A youth.

Part of speech: adjective

Characteristic of or adapted to youth; youthful; young.

Part of speech: noun

A young person.

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Usage examples "juvenile":

  1. It's afternoon, for one item, says I. And say, why not ditch that juvenile hail? - "Wilt Thou Torchy", Sewell Ford.
  2. You can do it but seldom with Shakespeare; never in any but his juvenile plays. - "Shadows of the Stage", William Winter.
  3. The chief objection brought against the public school, touching its morality, is derived from the fact that children who are subject to proper moral influences at home are brought in contact with others who are already practised in juvenile vices, if they have not been guilty of petty crimes. - "Thoughts on Educational Topics and Institutions", George S. Boutwell.