Part of speech: noun

( 1) Old cordage. ( 2) Salt meat.

Part of speech: noun

Cast - off material.

Part of speech: noun

A large Chinese sailing - vessel.

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Usage examples "junk":

  1. That junk you have on you can send back to- morrow, in my care. - "The House of Torchy", Sewell Ford.
  2. Do you expect to end in junk? - "H. R.", Edwin Lefevre.
  3. " No more did any on us," added Rokens, " Moreover, if we're not picked up soon by a ship o' some sort, we're not likely to be located here long, for we can't live on salt junk for ever; we shall all die o' the scurvy." - "The Red Eric", R.M. Ballantyne.