Part of speech: verb

To push or crowd against.

Part of speech: noun

A bumping against, or slight shaking.

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Usage examples "jostle":

  1. Then on the " cross" street that intersects Missinaba Street at the main corner there is the Post Office and the Fire Hall and the Young Men's Christian Association and the office of the Mariposa Newspacket,- in fact, to the eye of discernment a perfect jostle of public institutions comparable only to Threadneedle Street or Lower Broadway. - "Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town", Stephen Leacock.
  2. The English are the conquerors of the world, and its great colonizers; with a vast capital in which wealth and misery jostle each other on the streets; a hideous conglomeration of buildings and monuments, without form and void, very much as old Rome must have been under the Caesars, enormous buildings without taste, and enormous wealth. - "Worldly Ways and Byways", Eliot Gregory.
  3. You jostle them at every corner. - "The Return", Walter de la Mare.