Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Being in a joking mood; making jokes.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "jocular":

  1. It looked a familiar little house; jocular; very open indeed about the arms. - "Christopher and Columbus", Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim.
  2. I therefore said half in a jocular fashion, as with gloomy, self- withdrawn countenance the smith was fitting one loop into another in two of his iron rods,- " I wish we could get this cousin of yours to look a little more cheerful. - "The Seaboard Parish, Complete", George MacDonald.
  3. Whenever Judge Methuen is in a jocular mood and wishes to tease me, he asks me whether I have forgotten the time when I was possessed of a spirit of reform and registered a solemn vow in high heaven to buy no more books. - "The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac", Eugene Field.