Part of speech: noun

A small crow like bird of brilliant coloring.

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Usage examples "jay":

  1. That's just what they do," said Jay. - "This Is the End", Stella Benson.
  2. " But when a man is foolish in our village," resumed Tayoga, " and the words issue from his mouth in a stream like the cackling of a jay bird, the chiefs do not send warriors to punish him, but give him into the hands of the old women, who bind him and beat him with sticks until they can beat sense back into him." - "The Hunters of the Hills", Joseph Altsheler.
  3. He died on the 15th August 1552. During these proceedings Peter Canisius had attracted the attention of Cardinal Otto Truchsess, who desired to have him as his second theologian at the Council of Trent, Father Le Jay having already been sent there as first theologian to that prelate. - "Studies from Court and Cloister", J.M. Stone.