Part of speech: noun

An impertinent fellow; an upstart.

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Usage examples "jackanapes":

  1. Eleseus in particular was grown a clever one, but little Sivert was nothing much, if the truth must be told- a madcap, a jackanapes. - "Growth of the Soil", Knut Hamsun.
  2. More than once Tom turned to try and catch hold one of the little jackanapes, but he was off so fast down some lane or other that even Tom could not overtake him. - "Hurricane Hurry", W.H.G. Kingston.
  3. Mrs. Ewing's " Jackanapes" and Charles Kingsley's " Water- Babies" jostled the " Seven Little Sisters" series; Hawthorne's " Wonder- Book" lay close to Lamb's " Tales from Shakespeare;" and Whittier's " Child- Life in Prose and Poetry" stood between Mary Howitt's " Children's Year" and Robert Louis Stevenson's " Child's Garden of Verses." - "Polly Oliver's Problem", Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin.