Part of speech: adjective

Made of or resembling ivory.

Part of speech: noun

The hard, white, elastic substance of the tusks of certain animals, as the elephant.

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Usage examples "ivory":

  1. A white row of ivory showed between his black beard and mustache. - "Winds of the World", Talbot Mundy.
  2. If one of the Briefites were to step upon the shores of our rugged Earth and see the cotton or wool and leather that lies around our feet, it would appear to him as the most ridiculous thing imaginable, and no doubt his shapely feet of ivory cast would be of more than passing interest to us. - "Life in a Thousand Worlds", William Shuler Harris.
  3. And he was seized with an insane desire to kiss the white flesh, pale as ivory against her red hair. - "Jonah", Louis Stone.