Part of speech:

Used to denote condition, act, idiom, or doctrine; as, baptism, criticism, organism.

Part of speech: noun

A doctrine or system.

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Usage examples "ism":

  1. " And go back to London, and talk Jay out of her 'bus- ism. - "This Is the End", Stella Benson.
  2. Many denominations that have walked together heart and hand for many years, each repelling the assaults of those, who attempted to extinguish their ism, have at length been separated by internal divisions and formed two opposing parties, even though they once believed the same creed, and advocated the same church government. - "Twenty-Four Short Sermons On The Doctrine Of Universal Salvation", John Bovee Dods.
  3. To her the personal element in a creed is of more importance than the ism. - "The Book of Khalid", Ameen Rihani.