Part of speech: noun

A little island; something like a small island.

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Usage examples "islet":

  1. Slowly, but steadily, it moved away from Palm Island toward that islet on which the flag had appeared and upon which Ruth hoped the children had taken refuge. - "The Corner House Girls on Palm Island", Grace Brooks Hill Thelma Gooch.
  2. He knew that the tide would soon flow again, and he felt that his strength was too much spent to enable him to swim back to the islet which he had missed when he had attempted to reach it, and which was more than two miles from the bank upon which he then stood. - "Newton Forster", Frederick Marryat.
  3. For instance, a pleasant hour can be spent on the deck of a splendid steamer, as it cleaves its way through a sapphire tropical sea, bound for some lovely West Indian islet; with a good cigar and the dearest companion in the world, watching the dolphins and the flying- fish, and mildly interesting one's self in one's fellow- passengers, the captain, the crew. - "Peter Ibbetson", George Du Maurier.