Part of speech:

Somewhat; of the nature of; used also to form adjectives of place or country; as, childish, yellowish, Polish.

Part of speech:

To make; give.

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Usage examples "ish":

  1. Dot ish too much; you did it in half- hour. - "Barriers Burned Away", E. P. Roe.
  2. By my hand, I swear, and my father's soul, the work ish ill done; it ish give over; I would have blowed up the town, so Chrish save me, la, in an hour. - "King-Henry-V", Shakespeare, William.
  3. I put mine hand in my pocket, and there ish twenty tollars. - "The True Citizen, How To Become One", W. F. Markwick, D. D. and W. A. Smith, A. B..