Part of speech: verb

To turn inside out or upside down; reverse.

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Usage examples "invert":

  1. Knead it well in cold water till the buttermilk is extracted; then put it in a glazed jar, which invert in another, putting into the latter a sufficient quantity of water to exclude the air. - "The Book of Household Management", Mrs. Isabella Beeton.
  2. So it comes about that the new drama's spirit is essentially, inevitably human and- humane, essentially distasteful to many professing followers of the Great Humanitarian, who, if they were but sincere, would see that they secretly abhor His teachings and in practice continually invert them. - "Another Sheaf", John Galsworthy.
  3. Why, I looked to see thee invert thine incorporate satin in an airy rhapsody- upheld and kept unruffled by some fantastical twist of thine imagination. - "The Panchronicon", Harold Steele Mackaye.