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Usage examples "invariable":

  1. It was one of the peculiarities of this father and son that they were fond of expressing their regard for each other by indulging now and then in a little very mild " chaff," and the playful threat to give his son a " woppin'"- which in earlier years he had sometimes done with much effect- was an invariable proof that Little Tim's spirit had been calmed, and his amiability restored. - "The Prairie Chief", R.M. Ballantyne.
  2. When his guests depart, Schumann accompanies them a little way, that he may, according to his invariable custom, spend an hour or so of the evening at Popper's Restaurant. - "A Day with Robert Schumann", May Byron.
  3. This fatal issue, however, is not invariable. - "The Mother's Manual of Children's Diseases", Charles West, M.D..