What does the word intolerant mean?

Usage examples for intolerant

  1. He was then more or less seduced by the Bohemian legend, but he was intolerant of the fudge about the rights and privileges of genius. – Robert Louis Stevenson a Record, an Estimate, and a Memorial by Alexander H. Japp
  2. He was intolerant of every moment that passed before be claimed her for his own, and unable longer to restrain his mad desire to fold her in his arms. – The Honorable Percival by Alice Hegan Rice
  3. After a cruel and obstinately intolerant struggle that had occasioned indescribable suffering from disease and starvation, as well as the usual slaughter and destruction incident to war, the country began to enjoy once more a measure of peace. – The Hispanic Nations of the New World Volume 50 in The Chronicles Of America Series by William R. Shepherd