Part of speech:

Ceasing at intervals.

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Usage examples "intermittent":

  1. It suggests that the opium habit had been only recently acquired, since the change was noticed only about the time he went to live at New Inn; and, since the change in the writing is at first intermittent and then continuous, we may infer that the opium- smoking was at first occasional and later became a a confirmed habit. - "The Mystery of 31 New Inn", R. Austin Freeman.
  2. The overseer saw into the trick; but he could find no medicine that could cure the negroes of that intermittent sickness. - "The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus", American Anti-Slavery Society.
  3. A wind cried round them like a trumpet- voice Of phantom hosts- hurried, importunate, And intermittent with a tightening fear. - "The Star-Treader and other poems", Clark Ashton Smith.