Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Immoderate; excessive, especially in the use of alcoholic drinks.

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Usage examples "intemperate":

  1. There was much abuse of it, but in general people used it as a matter of course, without thinking they were any more responsible for the drunkards than they were for the intemperate in eating. - "Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World", James Cowan.
  2. He wanted temperance, and instead, he was continually troubled with the intemperate. - "History of American Socialisms", John Humphrey Noyes.
  3. The intemperate joy of the crowd over the rashness of Wilkes was due in part to a feeling of bitterness against the British Government. - "Abraham Lincoln and the Union A Chronicle of the Embattled North, Volume 29 In The Chronicles Of America Series", Nathaniel W. Stephenson.