Part of speech:

The act of inhaling.

Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

That which is inhaled.

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Usage examples "inhalation":

  1. There was an exercise involving eye movement through the use of a small rubber ball, then the reading of a chart with letters and words of diminishing size in varying degrees, bathing the eyes with steam, much in the same way as inhalation is done, and then cooling the eyes with cold cotton packs. - "Free from School", Rahul Alvares.
  2. The young men and their friends were so well pleased with the effects of ether inhalation, that " ether parties" became fashionable in that section, as well as in other parts of the State. - "Stories Of Georgia 1896", Joel Chandler Harris.
  3. I knew that at the first inhalation the brine would fill my mouth and lungs; I held my breath hard, and tried to pray. - "Tales of the Chesapeake", George Alfred Townsend.