Part of speech: noun

A mass of cast metal.

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Usage examples "ingot":

  1. Pure genuine Saxon; strong and simple; of a clearness, of a beauty- But they did not, sometimes, rightly stick to their foregoers and their followers: the paragraph not as a beaten ingot, but as a beautiful square bag of duck- shot held together by canvas! - "The Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1834-1872, Vol II.", Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  2. But history is bound to a greater caution, and it must be reluctantly admitted that the two coins, the ingot and the bit of stone are insufficient to prove the existence of a Roman fortress. - "The Historic Thames", Hilaire Belloc.
  3. His laboratory was the crucible wherein came the final touch of heat which fuses all the discordant facts into a solid ingot of truth. - "The Shadow World", Hamlin Garland.