Part of speech: adjective

Tending to inflame; pertaining to inflammation.

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Usage examples "inflammatory":

  1. " The most inflammatory publications had been issued in the principal towns, at a price which put them within the reach of the poorest classes of society. - "The Constitutional History of England From 1760 to 1860", Charles Duke Yonge.
  2. Shortly afterwards the inflammatory symptoms disappeared, and I could assure my host of a safe recovery. - "Adventures in the Philippine Islands", Paul P. de La Gironière.
  3. These general symptoms are the first signs and warnings of functional derangements more significant, which may, however, vary according to the predispositions of each animal, and transfer their evolutions either to the nervous centres or to the respiratory mucous membrane, or to that of the digestive channels, in the inflammatory and febrile form of the contagious typhus. - "On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment", Honoré Bourguignon.