Part of speech: noun

The writing of one's name on the back of a note, check, etc.; ratification; approval. endorsement.

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Usage examples "indorsement":

  1. The cook rose almost to the exalted level of a chef in the estimation of Thaddeus as course upon course, to the number of seven, each made up of some delicacy of the season, came to the table and received the indorsement which comes from total consumption. - "Paste Jewels", John Kendrick Bangs.
  2. The Emperor granted her the right of sovereignty in her own name; her portrait was placed upon the coin of the country; and after several years her power became so great that the officials would not obey any important order from his majesty unless it bore her indorsement. - "Modern India", William Eleroy Curtis.
  3. His words received the silent indorsement of his companions, and it was evident that Sun Bird possessed the full confidence of his friends. - "White Otter", Elmer Russell Gregor.