Part of speech: adjective

Being or done within doors.

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Usage examples "indoor":

  1. 13. Physical training is given about as much time as in the average city, but without adequate facilities for outdoor and indoor plays and games. - "What the Schools Teach and Might Teach", John Franklin Bobbitt.
  2. In appearance he was not, it must be admitted, an ideal Squire, for he was but a trifle above middle height, rather slight, and with the little stoop that tells of the man who is town- bred and by nature more given to indoor than outdoor exercises; but he was a good- looking fellow for all that, with a bright humorous face,- though at this moment rather a bored one,- large eyes set well apart, and his proper allowance of brown hair and white teeth. - "Father Stafford", Anthony Hope.
  3. The men rose, leaving Bill engaged in his favorite indoor pastime, and intimated that Pete should go with them. - "The Ridin' Kid from Powder River", Henry Herbert Knibbs.