Part of speech: verb

To put into words or writing; dictate; compose.

Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "indite":

  1. Since it had not been her habit to confide in Agatha, she did the next best thing, which was to indite a letter to her chum, Ruth Gresham. - "'Firebrand' Trevison", Charles Alden Seltzer.
  2. I was left chatting with the last, while the first went into his closet to indite a dispatch to his government, relating to the events of the evening. - "The Monikins", J. Fenimore Cooper.
  3. And in this desperate state of mind our cadet set himself to work to indite the draft of a letter which he proposed to send to the algebra teacher. - "Maximina", Armando Palacio Valdés.