Part of speech:

Etc. Seen ENCUMBER, etc.

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Usage examples "incumbrance":

  1. Mr. Dayman, not translating line for line, is free from this prosaic incumbrance; but as he makes it a rule to himself that every English canto shall contain the same number of lines as its original, he is obliged, much more often than Mr. Longfellow, to throw in epithets or words not in the Italian. - "Essays Æsthetical", George Calvert.
  2. Again, where vice is made a pleasure, and the offspring of it become a burden on our hands, slavery affords the most convenient medium of getting rid of the incumbrance. - "Our World, or, The Slaveholders Daughter", F. Colburn Adams.
  3. But the length of its course, even when thus reduced, is still a considerable difficulty, and a great incumbrance on the hypothesis. - "The Journal Of A Mission To The Interior Of Africa, In The Year 1805", Mungo Park.