Part of speech: noun

Anything oppressive or discouraging; nightmare.

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Usage examples "incubus":

  1. The Academy has tolerated genius when it was popular, it has trampled upon genius when it was unpopular; and the business of the new art criticism is to rid art of the incubus. - "Modern Painting", George Moore.
  2. With a mighty wrench Harland, at his bidding, cast off the numbness from his body, the incubus from his will, and staggering to his feet opened his eyes. - "A Republic Without a President and Other Stories", Herbert Ward.
  3. Not only has he been able to shake from his shoulders that awful incubus- and ever- present ward- but he can be sure that the absent ward is so well- off with regard to this world's goods, that he need never give her so much as a passing thought- dragged, torn as that thought would be from his beloved studies. - "A Little Rebel", Mrs. Hungerford.