Part of speech: noun

The condition of being inane or empty; inanition; lack of sense.

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Usage examples "inanity":

  1. The lowest copyboy knows better than to utter such an inanity. - "Greener Than You Think", Ward Moore.
  2. She had gone through another of them, thank goodness, she said to herself at times with a rare tinge of pensiveness, only to discover that the Hughs, and the Guys, and the Algies, and the Montys were just as fatuously inane as ever; and were just as anxious as before to make her share their fatuous inanity for a whole lifetime. - "Philistia", Grant Allen.
  3. But do not think to convert me into such a piece of contemptible inanity, and so saying she turned towards the door. - "Uncanny Tales", Mary Louisa Molesworth.