Part of speech: verb

To make better.

Part of speech: verb

To use to good purpose.

Part of speech: verb

To make progress.

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Usage examples "improve":

  1. But we can't afford to cross him now when he is just beginning to improve. - "Calvary Alley", Alice Hegan Rice.
  2. He said that in a week or two all the soup- houses would close for the season, and, as Savage had received letters that he thought he would improve by, he would release me from the task of running the soup- house. - "A Woman's Life-Work Labors and Experiences", Laura S. Haviland.
  3. And no intelligent creature, to the Nipe's way of thinking, would waste time worrying about a situation he could not improve upon. - "Anything You Can Do ...", Gordon Randall Garrett.