Part of speech: noun

One who manages, conducts, or is responsible for an opera company or public musical performance.

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Usage examples "impresario":

  1. But though, owing to the leather coat, the others seemed to consider that they had an heiress amongst them, they would not let the big Bearskin be her impresario or their instructor. - "The Happy Foreigner", Enid Bagnold.
  2. This was Coralie's impresario, Coralie's career, her duty, her destiny; in a word, everything to Coralie that poor little Cousin Elsa was to me. - "The King's Mirror", Anthony Hope.
  3. She refrained from telling Marna of her plans, but she went straight to the city and talked over the situation with her friend the impresario. - "The Precipice", Elia Wilkinson Peattie.