Part of speech: adjective

Without weight.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "imponderable":

  1. He knew intuitively the futility of firing up into Thag's imponderable mass. - "The Tree of Life", Catherine Lucille Moore.
  2. All trees go to the same soil for their ponderable elements, their ashes, and to the air and the light for their imponderable,- their carbon and their energy,- but what makes the tree, and makes one tree differ from another? - "The Breath of Life", John Burroughs.
  3. I think that we will learn again how to describe at great length an old man wandering among enchanted islands, his return home at last, his slow- gathering vengeance, a flitting shape of a goddess, and a flight of arrows, and yet to make all of these so different things 'take light by mutual reflection, like an actual trail of fire over precious stones, ' and become 'an entire word, ' the signature or symbol of a mood of the divine imagination as imponderable as 'the horror of the forest or the silent thunder in the leaves. - "Ideas of Good and Evil", William Butler Yeats.