Part of speech: verb

To drive or urge forward.

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Usage examples "impel":

  1. So far did the steam of their zeal impel them, but at this point it was let off; the affair stood still, and I never heard the academy of fine arts mentioned afterwards. - "Domestic Manners of the Americans", Fanny Trollope.
  2. In one of them, called 'The Children of the House', the hero was to be a thorough scoundrel, whom Nemesis would impel mysteriously to a course of conduct whereby his long hidden crimes would be discovered. - "The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller", Calvin Thomas.
  3. In the limited space at our disposal we can do no more than indicate the principal and choicest objects in the various rooms, praying those whose leisure and interest impel them to more thorough examination of any one department, to possess themselves of the admirable and exhaustive special catalogues issued by the Directors of the Museum. - "The Story of Paris", Thomas Okey.