Part of speech: noun

a stupid mistake

Part of speech: noun

Imbecile condition or opinion.

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Usage examples "imbecility":

  1. " Your imbecility takes quite an attractive form, I assure you. - "The Keeper of the Door", Ethel M. Dell.
  2. Walford was next put up, but the miserable condition of the unfortunate man, and his vacant look of imbecility, excited nothing but laughter and ridicule, and no one would make a bid for him. - "The Voyage of the Aurora", Harry Collingwood.
  3. All the cases decide that mere imbecility will not do; that an inability to manage a man's affairs will not do, unless that inability, and that incapacity to manage his affairs amount to evidence that he is of unsound mind; and he must be found to be so. - "A Letter to the Right Honorable the Lord Chancellor, on the Nature and Interpretation of Unsoundness of Mind, and Imbecility of Intellect", John Haslam.