Part of speech: verb

To make bright; enlighten.

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Usage examples "illumine":

  1. But in their household there was no older woman to illumine their confused guessing with an occasional word now and then, even if an unusually wholesome out- of- door life had not distracted their attention from the problems raised in books, and their isolation had not protected them from the careless talk of other girls of their ages. - "Sisters", Kathleen Norris.
  2. Wild Winter's snows Make way for bounteous Summer's flowery tread, And Night's sad orb retires for lightsome Day With his white steeds to illumine the glad sky. - "The Seven Plays in English Verse", Sophocles.
  3. If it has been done " to the Lord"- that is to say, with sincerity and freedom from affectation- whether with conscious effusion, as by Gaudenzio, or with perhaps robuster unconsciousness, as by Tabachetti, a halo will gather round it that will illumine it though it pass through the valley of the shadow of death itself. - "Ex Voto", Samuel Butler.