Part of speech: adjective

Marked by the distinctive idiom of a language. Idiomatical.

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Usage examples "idiomatic":

  1. The minuteness of his observation, the keenness of his perception of all these things, give him a real originality which is confirmed by a style sometimes indeed idiomatic and unfinished to a fault, but capable of remarkable felicity and vividness. - "Views and Reviews", Henry James.
  2. Gustavus Weitbreck had lived so long on his Pennsylvania farm that he even thought in English instead of in German, and, strangely enough, in English much less broken and idiomatic than that which he spoke. - "Between Whiles", Helen Hunt Jackson.
  3. Not only could he speak most of the languages of the East, including Arabic and Persian, but he wrote good idiomatic English. - "The Life of Sir Richard Burton", Thomas Wright.