Part of speech: noun

A breaker of images, or assailant of traditional beliefs.

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Usage examples "iconoclast":

  1. It was then a serious affair to drive the wheat furrow in a cattle country, and the man who did it was apt to be regarded as an iconoclast. - "The Cattle-Baron's Daughter", Harold Bindloss.
  2. I am, at least, not the iconoclast I was when I came into the valley. - "Delilah of the Snows", Harold Bindloss.
  3. It makes you think the Iconoclast the greatest hero, and causes you to feel that you share his glory when you help him with your approval to overthrow all the images you ever cherished; but when the work of destruction is over, and you look about you once more with sober eyes, you find you have sacrificed your all for nothing. - "Ideala", Sarah Grand.