Part of speech: noun

A nervous affection cecurring typically in paroxysms of laughing and crying alternately. hysterics.

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Usage examples "hysteria":

  1. While speculating as to what would be best to do, it occurred to me that I would write to Mivart, asking him to run down to me at Hurstcote Manor and consult with me, because he had told me that he had given attention to cases of hysteria. - "Aylwin", Theodore Watts-Dunton.
  2. And so John Brown's mad attempt excited a degree of hysteria almost unbelievable. - "American Men of Action", Burton E. Stevenson.
  3. Courtenay, more amused than anxious, did not silence the terrier, and Joey's barking speedily rose to a shrill and breathless hysteria. - "The Captain of the Kansas", Louis Tracy.