Part of speech:

Pertaining to marriage.

Part of speech: noun

A wedding song.

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Usage examples "hymeneal":

  1. A week in rural retreats will sometimes do more in the Hymeneal line than weeks of London fashionable life: Coelebs who laughs the hook to scorn, however so delicately baited in town, may be hooked at once with a gaudy May- fly down in the country. - "Caught in a Trap", John C. Hutcheson.
  2. But when that her heart was all his own, his love grew cold, and, turning from her, he refused to fulfil his plighted troth and lead her to the hymeneal altar. - "Rossmoyne", Unknown.
  3. Once here, and the door safely shut, Charles had been steadily at work, the hymeneal shadow put resolutely from his mind. - "Angela's Business", Henry Sydnor Harrison.