What does the word humorist mean?

Usage examples for humorist

  1. The story is told of a ruthless American humorist Hotel- keeper in Singapore who was entertaining a group of Japanese Officers from the Japanese Navy. – Flash-lights from the Seven Seas by William L. Stidger Commentator: Bishop Francis J. McConnell
  2. To be witty, one has to be fanciful, intellectual, deft, light- hearted; and the humorist need be none of these things. – At Large by Arthur Christopher Benson
  3. Gogol could not repress the fun that is so essential an element in human life, any more than he could stop the beating of his heart; he saw men and women with the eyes of a natural born humorist, to whom the utter absurdity of humanity and human relations was enormously salient. – Essays on Russian Novelists by William Lyon Phelps