Part of speech: verb

To yield to the humor or caprices of; adapt oneself to.

Part of speech: noun

Disposition; characteristic mood; whim.

Part of speech: noun

A facetious turn of thought.

Part of speech: noun

An animal fluid.

Part of speech: noun

A catuneous eruption.

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Usage examples "humor":

  1. Miss Sackett did not rise to his humor, however, and her mother noticed it. - "Mr. Trunnell", T. Jenkins Hains.
  2. " I need you not to speak for me," she said, in ill- humor; " I can plead my own cause." - "Dreamers of the Ghetto", I. Zangwill.
  3. Then he added, with a trace of humor in his voice: " If Monsieur the Director of the Circus comes now he will go in the special car." - "The Underdog", F. Hopkinson Smith.