Part of speech: noun

A small elevation.

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Usage examples "hummock":

  1. Now swimming, now leaping from one hummock to another- or sometimes to an old stump- he quickly reached the place where the Frog family were enjoying themselves. - "The Tale of Ferdinand Frog", Arthur Scott Bailey.
  2. In the morning he felt better, and went out by himself to the cliffs where they had been before, and sat down on a hummock covered with short grass, and watched the great unrest of the ocean, and wondered where the Flying U wagons would be camping, that night. - "The Happy Family", Bertha Muzzy Bower.
  3. A gray jackrabbit, thinking himself concealed by a very creditable imitation of a sacatone hummock, sat motionless not seventy yards away. - "The Killer", Stewart Edward White.