What does the word humanitarian mean?

Usage examples for humanitarian

  1. Faith in immortality and Providence, penitence and penance, and humanitarian sentiment, are hardly to be found in his pages. – Horace and His Influence by Grant Showerman
  2. We met at this luncheon Sir Thomas Barclay, of London, who has taken an active part in the humanitarian work of England, with headquarters in Paris. – A Journey Through France in War Time by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
  3. In Miss Nesbit's earlier volume, the Lays and Legends, as it was called, there was an attempt to give poetic form to humanitarian dreams and socialistic aspirations; but the poems that dealt with these subjects were, on the whole, the least successful of the collection; and with the quick, critical instinct of an artist, Miss Nesbit seems to have recognised this. – Reviews by Oscar Wilde