Part of speech: verb

To bargain in a small way.

Part of speech: noun

One who retails small wares; a hawker.

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Usage examples "huckster":

  1. It wasn't quite so mean as he imagined it to be, in his huckster head. - "Hunger", Knut Hamsun.
  2. A wide, straight street, a paradise of yellow stucco, stained and peeling off, a wilderness of sordid shops and dirty children running wild, a solitary tramcar spinning on its way to Naples, a creaking cart with vegetables, a huckster bawling fish- I have not patience to catalogue the delights of the Mergellina of to- day, but turn my back on them and flee to the sea- front again, where I can look out on what is still unspoiled, because man has no dominion over it. - "Naples Past and Present", Arthur H. Norway.
  3. I am not a merchant's son, answered Graelent merrily, nor am I a huckster to sell mantles in a booth. - "French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France", Marie de France.