Part of speech: noun

One of the beautiful maidens who, according to the Mohammedan faith, are to be the companions of the faithful in Paradise.

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Usage examples "houri":

  1. It was a consequence of this that never did the sun in his course light on man half so godly stalwart, on woman half so houri- lovely, as in stern and stout old Sparta. - "Prince Zaleski", M.P. Shiel.
  2. A maiden, fair as an houri, wandering beneath my windows at break of day with her lover- and a lover who did not know how to make a better use of such an hour. - "The Ghost-Seer (or The Apparitionist), and Sport of Destiny", Frederich Schiller.
  3. While, beyond doubt, there is between these covers a most charming and lovable Houri, to whom the nightingales sing lullabies, there can also be found a surpassingly beautiful Venetian whose love affairs upset a Quarter, a common- sense, motherly nurse whose heart warmed toward her companion in the adjoining berth, a plucky New England girl with the courage of her convictions, and a prim spinster whose only consolation was the boarder who sat opposite. - "The Veiled Lady and Other Men and Women", F. Hopkinson Smith.