Part of speech: noun

Any one of various ornamental erect or climbing flowering shrubs.

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Usage examples "honeysuckle":

  1. Many of the oak- trees kept their brown leaves till the new ones came to replace them, honeysuckle trails and brambles continually put out verdant shoots, the lastrea ferns that grew near the brink of the water showed tall green fronds untouched by frost, and the moss was never more vivid. - "For the Sake of the School", Angela Brazil.
  2. She had on a blue frock, and some honeysuckle in her waist- belt. - "The Dark Flower", John Galsworthy.
  3. Since the domestic rose would no longer yield him honey, he would seek his sweets from the stray honeysuckle on which there grew no thorns. - "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope.