Part of speech: adjective

Covered with or full of honey.

Part of speech: adjective

Sweet; cajoling.

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Usage examples "honeyed":

  1. And though he leave me cold and mute, A traitor to his care, I smile to hear his honeyed flute Hang on the scented air. - "Poems of West & East", Vita Sackville-West.
  2. Then give me first into my hands a honeyed cake; for I am afraid of descending within, as if into the cave of Trophonius. - "The Clouds", Aristophanes.
  3. Gary's unchanging severity and dislike were explained, and as the boy contrasted his present treatment with the honeyed manner which had so deceived him in Savannah, he felt that he was justified in using any means to counteract such methods. - "Ralph Granger's Fortunes", William Perry Brown.