Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: adjective

Like home; reminding of home.

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Usage examples "homelike":

  1. It was a homelike, pleasant enough picture; but the girl's thoughts strayed persistently to the green open spaces, and the pleasant ease of the life she had left behind her. - "The Stronger Influence", F.E. Mills Young.
  2. " More homelike is the vast unknown," since their mamma is there. - "Miss Ellis's Mission", Mary P. Wells Smith.
  3. At home I had to expect my wife's amazement and perhaps her mockery, the dismal upper storey and my uneasiness; but, still, at my age that was easier and as it were more homelike than travelling for two days and nights with strangers to Petersburg, where I should be conscious every minute that my life was of no use to any one or to anything, and that it was approaching its end. - "The Wife and Other Stories", Anton Chekhov.