What does the word hoary mean?

Usage examples for hoary

  1. Above us, rising ridge beyond ridge, slope beyond slope, spread the mountainous moor- country, bare and bleak for the most part, with here and there a patch of cultivated field or hardy plantation, and crowned highest of all with masses of huge grey crag, abrupt, isolated, hoary, and older than the deluge. – Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens
  2. Among the many natives collected on the beach to bid me welcome and draw my canoe up over the sand, I noticed an old man of average size, remarkably developed chest, and whose hairs, apparently once flaxen, were hoary with age. – Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands by Charles Nordhoff
  3. The astronomer- priests of the hoary past, when language was figurative, and often pictorial, had recourse to a system of symbols to express abstract truths and ideas. – The-Light-of-Egypt-or-the-science-of-the-soul-and-the-stars-Volume-2 by Burgoyne, Thomas H.