What does the word hippodrome mean?

Usage examples for hippodrome

  1. There was some talk of hippodrome 'Mid frequent calls for liquor, Then each Chicago man went home Much wiser, poorer, sicker; And many a giant intellect Seemed slowly, surely crumbling Beneath the dolorous effect Of that St. Louis " fumbling." – Hoosier Lyrics by Eugene Field
  2. This is a very pretty sight always, and at the Hippodrome in Paris I once saw a gifted creature take his stand high up on the benches among the audience and catch these hats on his head from a flight of a hundred feet through the air. – Short Stories and Essays From "Literature and Life" by William Dean Howells
  3. The chariot race had just ended in the adjoining hippodrome; and the idle crowd, intent on a new excitement, came surging up like waves. – A Victor of Salamis by William Stearns Davis