Part of speech: noun

An ancient race - course or modern circus.

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Usage examples "hippodrome":

  1. There was some talk of hippodrome 'Mid frequent calls for liquor, Then each Chicago man went home Much wiser, poorer, sicker; And many a giant intellect Seemed slowly, surely crumbling Beneath the dolorous effect Of that St. Louis " fumbling." - "Hoosier Lyrics", Eugene Field.
  2. This is a very pretty sight always, and at the Hippodrome in Paris I once saw a gifted creature take his stand high up on the benches among the audience and catch these hats on his head from a flight of a hundred feet through the air. - "Short Stories and Essays From "Literature and Life"", William Dean Howells.
  3. The chariot race had just ended in the adjoining hippodrome; and the idle crowd, intent on a new excitement, came surging up like waves. - "A Victor of Salamis", William Stearns Davis.