Part of speech:

a highway

Part of speech: noun

A main road.

Part of speech: noun

A common or easy method.

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Usage examples "highroad":

  1. And the order that each man received was to report himself ready for active service and properly armed at the gate of the city which gave upon the highroad that led in the fulness of time to Arezzo. - "The God of Love", Justin Huntly McCarthy.
  2. He turned about; retraced his steps at the same rapid pace; passed again up the highroad to the head of The Gore, then around it, across a barren pasture, and climbed the cliff- like rock that was crowned by the ancient pines. - "Flamsted quarries", Mary E. Waller.
  3. On the great highroad we stand together in the dawn- I with my little book in hand, you, perhaps, with yours. - "The Lost Art of Reading", Gerald Stanley Lee.