Part of speech: noun

A belief at variance with that of a church, school, or party.

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Usage examples "heresy":

  1. The ruined condition of the venerable pile- it dates from 1128- set Haydn moralizing on the " Protestant heresy" which led the " rascal mob" to tear down " what had once been a stronghold of his own religion." - "Haydn", J. Cuthbert Hadden.
  2. Bopaul was eager to continue it, and Ananda could not resist the fascination that heresy had for his inquiring nature. - "The Outcaste", F. E. Penny.
  3. As this system was adopted, it was natural that some persons should write against heresy to prevent its increase. - "The History of the Inquisition of Spain from the Time of its Establishment to the Reign of Ferdinand VII.", Juan Antonio Llorente.